Why Solar For Your Home?

The cost of residential solar is at an all-time low​

A 30% Tax Credit is still available

The cost of solar has dropped by over 300% in the last decade, but the COST OF DOING NOTHING, is high.  Act now.

You lock in the price of electricity

This credit may not be around forever.  Slated to end in 2019, why wait to find out?

Reduced Carbon Footprint

The first FPL rate increase was in January 2017.  The remaining increases will occur each year until 2019.  Most customers can expect to see about a 7% increase this year, 3-4% in 2018, and a 1-2% increase in 2019
The typical US household's carbon footprint is a whopping 48 tons of CO2 annually!


People love solar.  When you go solar with Wave Energy, we like to tell everyone and neighbors love to talk about solar.  Be a leader in your community!