Solar Incentives for Farmers

The cost of solar is at an all-time low​

The cost of solar has dropped by over 300% in the last decade, but the COST OF DOING NOTHING, is high.  Act now.

A 30% Tax Credit is still available

This credit may not be around forever.  Slated to end in 2019, why wait to find out?

You lock in the price of electricity

There are virtually countless benefits of solar farming.  Some are obvious, such as the fact that solar energy is clean energy, and some are not so obvious, such as reducing water usage in drought stricken areas.  The potential return on investment is quite attractive, and financing incentives are making solar farming easier than it has ever been.  This is of course in addition to the reduction in costs to build solar panels by as much as 60% in recent years.  These advancements and cost reductions make the many benefits of solar farming even more attainable.

The first benefit of solar farming is of course environmental.  The sun is a clean, renewable source of energy that has very few negative effects on the environment.  The only argument that could be said against it really is that it takes up space and that that panels could be considered to damage a natural ecosystem.  However, there are new ideas to combat this issue every day.   Brownfields and even airports are being considered fair game for solar farms and they each reduce the effect of the panels on previously untouched ecosystems.

Another idea that leads to another great benefit is to switch cotton farms in California over to solar farms.  One of the benefits of solar farming in this capacity is the reduction of water usage where there is already a shortage, thus lessening the water usage of farms. The possibilities are significant.

The environmental benefits of solar farming are undeniable, but the financial benefits cannot be ignored either.  There are numerous ways to finance solar farming, from investors to government subsidies, and the profit making potential only gets greater with the falling costs and increased financing options.  Creating more solar energy to be released into the power grid reduces the amount of energy from non-renewable sources.  Additional money can be made from selling renewable certificates.  These can be sold to utilities or to individuals through the power utilities, and the result is a hefty profit to the solar farm owner.

The benefits of solar farming far outweigh any potential negative effects or costs.  The panels are pricey but the price is falling, and with innovative ideas when it comes to space, these farms could well be the future of the world’s energy sources.  In the not too distant future it is even predicted that solar energy will generate one quarter of the world’s electricity.​​