The Three Types of Solar in Florida

If you take a drive around Brevard county (or most of Florida) and start looking at rooftops, your gonna start seeing a lot of solar. But did you know that not all solar is the same? Wave Energy focuses on solar PV. That is Solar photovoltaics or solar electricity. Surprisingly, even though this type of solar provides the greatest returns on your investment, it isn't the most common.

Solar Pool Heating

Solar peppering roofs in Satellite Beach, Fl.

By far the most common type of solar peppering rooftops across Florida. Solar pool heating is a simple concept. It is the science of heating a swimming pool by pumping the water through black PVC/Plastic solar collectors on the roof. The black composite material absorbs the solar radiation and converts it into heat which is then transferred to the pool water flowing across the surface area. Most solar pool collectors consist of 100s of small tubes to allow the most contact between water and collector surface.


  • Relatively inexpensive

  • Still receive 30% Federal Tax Credit

  • Provides a few more months of swimming season for the average pool home


  • Does not produce monthly cash flow

  • Lifetime expectancy only 10-12 years

  • Most require some maintenance within 3-5 years (leaks)

  • Reduces pool pump lifetime

Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water collector

Similar to solar pool hot water heating, solar hot water is generated with a collector on the roof but is then stored in a water tank for use within the home, 24 hours a day. Although the concept is the same, the technology is actually quite different. Instead of large collectors made of composite plastics, solar hot water for use inside the home is collected using copper or other alloy coils using a greenhouse style collector. The standard home only requires 1-2 collectors.


  • Still receive 30% Federal Tax Credit

  • Reduces or eliminates the cost of heating your water


  • Heavy and bulky installation

  • New, modern heaters and heat pump technologies often out-perform savings

  • Gas heating (if available) provides a better return on investment for most homeowners

Solar PV (Solar Electricity)

Solar Covered Parking VA Clinic Viera, Fl.

Solar PV is the science of converting solar radiation into usable electricity. This is the only solar technology that Wave Energy offers as it is, by far, the best investment and use of available solar real-estate on any rooftop. So why isn't it more popular? For years, the cost of solar PV prevented the average homeowner from being able to make the move. The return on investment wasn't there. Since 2005, the cost of solar has been declining and over the last 4 years there has been a rush of solar installations throughout the United States. More and more businesses and homeowners alike are realizing and taking advantage of the benefits.


  • Receive 30% Federal Tax Credit

  • Reduces or eliminates your entire electric bill

  • Average 7-10 year ROI

  • 20-30 Year Life Expectancy

  • Low to Zero Maintenance Requirements

  • Reduces global carbon footprint

  • There's a 'cool' factor to it.


As a solar PV installer, it is hard to see the faults. We believe it is the technology of the future. Of the NOW. But if we are to be realistic and fare, there are some concerns. One of which is low adoption. Even though around for 20 years, very few people understand solar technology. The market is so young, that it is often overlooked. Those who are making the investment, stand by the decision, but it hasn't received full adoption. It has yet to prove itself in mass. With solar costs as low as they are, the rise in solar PV is starting. Add in the cost of coal power agreements expected to rise exponentially in the near future, solar PV is a very viable option today.

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