Mexico America Border Made of Solar Panels

How much power could a Mexico America border made entirely of solar panels actually produce?

Late last year, the Huffington Post published an article called Instead Of Trump's Wall, Let's Build A Border Of Solar Panels. I decided to take a real look at this potential power initiative and what a Mexican Border Solar Array could really produce in power.

The border is 3201 km long, or 1990 Miles. That is 10,507,200 feet. If we use standard solar panels, which measure 3x5 feet and are rated an average of 300W DC each, we could install a single line of up to 3,502,400 solar panels.

That is a 1 Gigawatt solar array!

Determining how many kWh/Annually this array can produce would be a bit of an exercise. We would need to interpolate TTY data and solar potential from San Diego to El Paso, through Big Bend National Park and Laredo all the way to South Padre Island and the Las Palomas Wildlife Area. There are bends and cuts and cravats and valleys, waterways, and trees. Ideal direction is South but our ideal angle of incidents would flatten out the farther South we traveled. So we will use TTY data as close to the center as possible.

That is 1,393,521,280 kWh Annually, or 1.3 terawatt/hours a year! What can that power?

As the article states, if this theoretical single string array of solar panels was widened to 1/3rd the width of a football field on average, it could power: Small townships on both sides of the border and larger municipalities like San Diego, Tijuana, Mexicali, Tucson, Phoenix, El Paso, Ciudad Juarez, San Antonio, Monterrey. Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Dallas and Houston.

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