The cost of solar is dropping across the state of Florida

How much does solar panels cost in Florida?

A typical solar installation for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home is around 7 kW DC. Variations in pricing depends on panels selected, inverters, roof mounting hardware required, and difficulty in labor (Ie a 3 story home vs 1 story). After calculating the 30% tax credit into the net cost, the current solar price range can be between $11,500 – $14,475.

How much solar costs could be changing for FPL customers.

As many know, the cost of electricity is going up. FPL launched its first of a few rate increase over the next few years. Prior to this rate increase, energy costs have been relatively low. After the energy crisis of the 1970s, energy costs have actually remained under the rate of inflation! That's right, we haven't had to deal with a true energy crisis....yet. Because the FPL rates have gone up, your cost, by default, has gone down. In other words:

The cost of doing nothing has gone up.

If you decide to 'wait until solar prices drop just a little more', you could be missing out on all that energy produced at current rates and be ahead of the future rate increases. And we already know of some! It is scheduled. And those are only the rate increases we know of. The coal contracts Florida power companies purchased are coming to maturation and new rates will have to be negotiated.

Some Alternative Energy subsidies aren't going to be around forever

The 30% tax credit is available until 2019, but after that? When you do your taxes for 2017, you are gonna find that questions such as "did you make home improvements' aren't going to be in turbo tax. The energy efficiency tax credit was dissolved.

Trade tariffs are under review

As we speak, the IRC is negotiating to reduce or prevent tariffs from being imposed on foreign technology exports to the US. If these tariffs are imposed, United States companies dealing in the distribution and even manufacturing of solar panels will be impacted and that will result in an increase of solar installation costs or, at a minimum, a slowing of solar prices decreasing. If that is the case, revert back to the cost of doing nothing. You lose money.

Solar in Satellite Beach

and the surrounding areas is growing quickly. That is simply because it makes financial sense to make the move. To learn more about going solar in Central Florida, check out our guided tour or contact Wave Energy to get a hassle-free quote today.

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