Benefits of Solar for Businesses

There are numerous reasons why making a switch to solar power can benefit your business. Don't just take our word for it. We have compiled a short list of articles and testimonials, bias free, from around the nation to show how business owners are taking advantage of solar power for their business, and reaping the benefits:

Topsail Island Small Business Goes Solar

With accelerated asset depreciation on the solar panels, Business owners can see return times shorter than the common consumer. An ROI of 7.5 years can be reduced to 4-5 years easily

Fabricating Company Installs 3,300 Solar Panels

Enough power to supply electricity to 120 homes, a New York based business installed solar and will see a cash flow return on investment in 6 years, used someone else's money to finance, and received a 30% cash capital kick as a tax credit.

Planet Fitness in Saint Petersburg Goes Solar

A 179 kDC Watt solar power system for a 20,000 sq ft building. Notice in this article, there is a paragraph on membership fees and other plugs for the business. There is an indirect, but very real, marketing benefit when you take your business to the solar side. A few carefully placed marketing campaigns and articles on your recent switch to solar will bring customers to your door.

Solar Isn't Just for The Roof

As a business owner, you have to be able to think outside the box. There are other ways to go solar and reap the benefits. In tis scenario, Spanish Tile roof installation wasn't an option. These shutters add value to the real property and become a customer conversation piece.

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