Still Waiting on a Reroof? Read This!

With thousands of home owners still waiting on insurance payments or waiting on their roofer to start work, I had the opportunity to speak to a few to ask one specific question: How efficient is the roof you selected? No one was able to give me an answer.

Remember: Your roof is your first defense against solar heat gain. The more you can reflect, and the less you absorb, the cooler your home or office will be.

A new roof is something that every home owner must face sooner or later. With the help of storms like Matthew, it is often sooner. At Wave Energy, we perform simple ROI and equity ROI analysis on all solutions we provide. A roof is one of those solutions that simply doesn’t make economic sense to replace unless it is time. In other words, replacing a working, perfectly good but low efficiency roof with a new high-efficiency one, does not provide a reasonable ROI.

BUT, if it needs replacing, then spending just 10-15% more on a high quality solar reflective roof material can save you thousands over the lifetime of the new roof!

A galvanized and coated metal roof over battens? Even more!

With most home owners concerned with insurance payments, cost of materials and labor, and timeliness of completion, it is easy to overlook the long-term impacts of your home improvement or repair. Before committing to a specific product, ask a simple set of questions:

What is the CRRC Solar Reflective, Thermal Emittance , and overall Solar Reflective Index value of my proposed roof? (SR, TE, SRI). The CRRC performs initial and 3-year aged cool-roof testing on thousands of roof manufacturer’s products. Compare this data to your current material selected. Sometimes minor changes such as a slightly lighter shade can result in huge savings over the life of your roof.

For more information, please contact Wave Energy. We would be happy to provide a free consultation.


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