Build Equity Through Efficiency

Saving money on your electric bill can also mean increased value and equity in your home or business. We have highlighted some of the best ways to increase home equity and what it also means to your cash flow. Wave Energy’s General Contracting services can manage all aspects of the following improvements. Our focus is on the investment and what will give you the best return.

HVAC – Furnace or Air Conditioning systems account for the most wasted energy and also provide a large resale value to a property if relatively new and efficient.

Insulation – Attic Insulation and Ventilation improves the comfort value of the property, improves efficiency, and thus, increases value.

Lighting – A well lite and open feel to any space will be warm and inviting. Adding high efficiency lighting to key locations throughout will improve both real and perceived real-estate value.

A Fresh Coat – A fresh coat of paint, both interior and exterior, can quickly raise both perceived and real value. It also helps protect and insulate surfaces. Wave Energy also provides a range of solar reflective and high rated solar emittance coatings as a first line of defense against the Sun’s heating effects.

A New Roof – Roofs protect, ventilate, and also improve energy efficiency. A new roof can not only make a home look sharp and buyer ready, but is also crucial to the life of your home.

New Appliance – New modern Energy STAR appliances speak to buyers. They say “Money Saving, clean, and low maintenance costs!”.

Smart Systems – Smart Thermostats, remote lighting, remote security, and other smart electronic and monitoring systems also improve efficiency and control. Buyers want the latest and the costs can be quickly absorbed into the asking price.

Plumbing –New, well insulated plumbing fixtures will increase a home’s efficiency while also ensuring low maintenance costs for years to come.

Windows and Doors – New Windows/Doors are one of the first things you will hear your real-estate agent bring up, whether the buying or selling agent. They are part of the Thermal envelope that Wave Energy focuses on, but also add much esthetic value and charm to any property.

Other services that can improve the real-estate value but do not necessarily have a large impact on efficiency are listed below.

Landscaping – Pavers, walkways, lighting, plants, fencing, all create curb appeal.

Bathrooms – Turn a shared space into a his and hers, or take an old basin tub and convert to a natural stone tile walk-in. Not a lot to be gained in efficiency, but definitely adds esthetic and functional value.

Kitchens – People like food. Where we prepare and enjoy food is king. Islands, backsplashes, fresh lighting, new floors, and space all add to a home’s equity.

For a free consultation and to learn how Wave Energy’s contractor services can both improve cash flow and increase your equity, please contact us here.

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