All This Solar Energy Buzz

With all the buzz in social media on solar, I think it is important to also talk about energy consumption not just energy production.

Solar Energy is taking off, but it should not be the first step to energy independence. The Unites States consumes more energy per capita than any other nation with the exception of Canada. This isn’t due to general demand but rather because of inefficient design and wasteful practices. Wave Energy focuses on the reduction in energy consumption first, and then we work to produce electricity on only the most efficient demand remaining. Rooftop real-estate isn’t always optimal for solar, and it’s not easy to find enough unshaded real-estate facing the optimal direction.

Wave Energy is a fully licensed and insured General Contractor service that works with each customer to determine the best rate of return on energy efficiency upgrades. We provide a complete energy audit using thermal technology and then break down the ROI benefits of each recommended modification. By focusing on the structural envelope, we are also creating more opportunity for equity growth with services such as insulation, ventilation, hi-tech roofing, HVAC, plumbing, and windows and doors. Making these types of improvements first, increases property value and longevity while still taking advantage of incentives and rebates. Customers who make energy efficiency upgrades on their home or business can see 25-75% reduction in energy costs and increase equity equal to or greater than the actual investment costs!

Once Wave Energy has completed the property efficiency improvements, we can then perform a complete solar energy survey and recommend a solution that reduces your electric bill to zero. Wave Energy focuses on education and financial analysis. We do not limit you to a single scope solution. By offering complete general contractor services, we can ensure you a far greater return than a solar-only solution.

Wave Energy provides energy efficiency solution services in the Melbourne, Florida, Space Coast region. To learn more about our services or to request a free consultation, click here.

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