Allies for No on 1 Update

(Shared email from Floridian's for Solar Choice Allies Newsletter)

We’re finally in the final week of the election season.

Together, we have made huge strides towards defeating Amendment 1. We received a major endorsement this week by former U.S. Senator and Florida Governor Bob Graham, who warned that Amendment 1 is deceptive, unneeded, and a step backward. Meanwhile, recent polls show that support for Amendment 1 is plummeting thanks to our grassroots effort to warn Floridians about the scam. As a sign that they are on the ropes, FPL, Duke, and their allies threw another $3.5 million into the fight as a last-ditch effort. This is truly a testament to the momentum of our campaign.

We also wanted to update you that today, Floridians for Solar Choice (FSC) and the Florida Solar Energy Industries Association (FLSEIA) initiated legal proceedings to shed light on the new revelations from the James Madison Institute that the major Florida utilities engaged in a scheme to undermine solar power. FSC and FLSEIA have asked the Florida Supreme Court to reopen its case involving the constitutionality of the proposed Amendment 1 and declare that the ballot summary for Amendment 1 is materially misleading and deprives Florida voters of access to the needed information upon which to make an intelligent voting decision. A separate mandamus action in the Florida Supreme Court to declare that the Amendment 1 ballot language is unconstitutionally vague and misleading, and ordering that the Florida Secretary of State not be allowed to count any votes cast for the misleading and illegal amendment was also filed. You can read about the legal actions in the Miami Herald. And the motion is available here (PDF)

Please know that we can defeat Amendment 1 at the ballot box. While the numerous endorsements and polls are encouraging, we need to keep the pedal to the metal to cross the finish line.

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