Why No on Florida’s Amendment 1 in 2016

Wave Energy, along with hundreds of other Solar companies and solar nonprofit organizations are against this supposed pro-Solar amendment. Why? It is deceitful. Wave Energy will break it down:

  1. The amendment was proposed by a group known as ‘Consumers for Solar Choice’. Consumer is defined as “a person who purchases goods and services for personal use’. Yet we know the amendment was created, supported, and is 100% backed by the opposite of consumers: The major power companies who sell us power such as FPL, Duke Energy, and Tampa Electric. ‘Seller’ is the opposite of ‘Consumer’. Why then call themselves Consumers? To be deceitful!

  2. The amendment attempts to place into the constitution some rights we already have as consumers while proposing that they will ensure protection from Solar consumers as well. Solar energy is a low cost alternative that we, the real consumers, already have a right too. The only thing this will do is allow the major power companies to raise prices as cost of non-renewable energy goes up, while preventing consumers a choice to select lower cost alternatives like solar. Check out this leaked audio (half way down the article) revealing how Think Tank Policy Director Sal Nuzzo admitted exactly this at a conference in Tallahassee with guess who: Yep, Major utility companies and backers.

  3. The amendment paves the way for major utilities to argue that net-metering is a form of subsidization and thus, could be argued unconstitutional. If anything, net-metering increases the electric grids potential, efficiency, and overall performance. It does not burden nor hurt consumers. With a little technology, a distributed grid system is not just an option, but the only way to meet global power demands.

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Like to help?

The No on 1 campaign has done a tremendous job amassing support with 185+ organizations and elected officials signed on in opposition to Amendment 1. Most recently, Consumers Union, the advocacy arm of the nation's preeminent consumer protection organization Consumer Reports has joined the chorus. Also the Tea Party Network, the Winter Park Garden Club and the Everglades Coalition - comprised of almost 60 organizations - are on board. Lastly, former State Senator Mike Fasano is on board as well. A complete list can be found at Endorsements.

What's more, No on 1 now has 27 newspaper editorial endorsements from 23 outlets. The compilation is here: http://www.flsolarchoice.org/who-opposes-amendment-1/#editorials.

Here's how you can help the No on 1 effort over the next 2 weeks.

We can use volunteers for early voting and on Election Day to work the polls. We know that many people will be voting and not have any idea of what Amendment 1 is or what it does. We can make a difference there. Also, we have a Phone Banking program where your members and networks can plug in. Contact the VoteNoOn1.org team and they can put you in touch with the appropriate staff leading those efforts.

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