Are Attic Fans the Right Ventilation Choice?

The proponents far outnumber the opponents in the attic fan debate, but the important thing to know is that every application is different. Wave Energy will explain what you need to know in regards to attic fan ventilation.

Wave Energy will not install Attic Fans unless we foresee a significant ROI.

A good resource is the following study performed by the FSEC, right here in Florida.

Performance Assessment of Photovoltaic Attic Ventilator Fans

How Attic Ventilation works

As the roof heats up from the Sun, the ambient air and surfaces in the attic heat up from both radiant energy and thermal conduction. This heating causes the air to rise. As the air rises, its exhausted through ridge vents, or other installed ventilation outlets. The warm air is replaced with cooler air coming in along the roof edge (soffit). A balanced system is one which there is equal pressure at these two points.​​

Why Attic Fans can be Bad

If there is not enough soffit intake and you install a solar fan, this can create negative pressure (suction). Cold air from inside your home can begin to leach through to the attic. This defeats the entire purpose.

Why Attic Fans can be Good

They also reduce moisture which increases the life of your roof. If other steps are taken first to seal any thermal boundary leaks and apply adequate insulation as needed, it can create efficiency gains.

As the FSEC study indicated, it can result in better energy efficiency, but at what cost? Is a 6% improvement in efficiency worth the initial investment? This is what Wave Energy will assess for you.


Wave Energy will ensure that ventilation is balanced and if we foresee value, we only recommend low power, high quality, inexpensive solutions to ensure you a solid ROI.

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