Qualifying Agent Needed

Wave Energy needs a qualifying CGC or EC for our business opening at end of year. We provide business and residential energy consultation services. LEED and CPI Certifications will be carried along with all credits for NABCEP Technical Sales I personally have over 20 years technical sales and support experience and run Sales Operations for a 67M in annual revenue business. I personally will be handling all sales operations and supply chain where applicable to include product selection and design unless out of skills scope. We also have exclusive dealer rights to a few unique in-home/in-business products. We have also secured partnership with lenders to offer unique financing programs for customers, also managed through and through. We just need to fill the production gap. Services could be a wide range but primarily: Insulation/Ventilation, Electrical, AC, Plumbing, and most importantly, Solar PV. We would prefer an active GC or EC to oversee permits and subcontracting, but a more passive or consultant based agent would be considered.

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