The Wave Energy Partner Program


Who We Are...


Wave Energy is a solar power consulting company.  We focus on educating our customers and improving their financial future.  We provide solar services for both residential and commercial clients.  We estimate financial costs, incentives, and savings.  We perform financial benefit analysis, and provide financing consultation.  


Who We Need…


Our customer’s see the most return in roofing, lighting, doors and windows, insulation, ventilation, and PV Solar production.  Wave Energy needs experts in their craft or trade:  Roofers, engineers, electricians, plumbers, air condition experts, EnergyStar appliance dealers, developers, real-estate agents, and businesses that believe in reducing energy waste and cleaner energy production.




Every Wave Energy customer is prequalified and knowledgeable.  They know what they need, what they will spend, and how much it will save them.  They are expecting quality craftsmanship, not cheap alternatives. They need you.


There is an inherent love of the job when you know you are helping people save money, build equity in their home or business, and reducing energy waste, consumption, and our Nation’s carbon footprint.


Need more information on Wave Energy Products and Services?  

If you are a an expert in your trade and are interested in partnering with Wave Energy, please fill out the form below.  We look forward to hearing from you.