How it Works

Switching to solar is easy and affordable.

Residential customers, get hassle free advise and technical direction.  Learn how solar can benefit you, your family, and the environment.

Commercial customers get an advocate, a consulting service designed to create competition, ensure technical and fiscal alignment, and project management services that ensure your project is completed seamlessly from beginning to end.

With solar power, you take advantage of three important financial benefits:

1.  A 30% Tax Credit on the purchase and installation of solar panels and related construction to allow for solar panel installation.

2.  Take advantage of a 5-year accelerated asset depreciation for the entire installed solar array

3.  Locked in energy rates (you produce the power) and net-metering allowing you to store energy you produced but don't use, and then use it later.

Energy Audit

We start with an initial energy assessment.   We will review your energy bill over the last year, look at equipment energy consumption, and the overall design and construction of your home or business facility.

Draft and Submit Solar Project RFP

We then draft and publish a Request for Proposal (RFP) that includes the technical requirements, sets assumptions, and outlines the specific solar needs of your business.  We submit the RFP directly to over 14 nationally and internationally recognized commercial solar installers and manufacturers, plus receive bids from many more actively seeking opportunities. 

Solar Installer Selection Process

We then work hard to align assumptions, both technical and fiscal, respond to RFIs, and begin weighing the viability and benefits of each bid to select the best contractor to perform a turn-key solar installation for your business.

Install and Save

It's as simple as that.  Some businesses see a ROI of 0 years with immediate positive cash flow.  Every circumstance is different, but our goal is to get you in that sweet spot. 

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