How Does Solar Power Work for your home or business?

Learn More About Solar PV

  1. There are different types of rooftop solar you may see.  There is solar hot water, pool solar, and solar PV.  Wave Energy focuses on Solar PV or Solar photovoltaics which is the science of converting solar radiation into usable electricity. 

  2. Thanks to semi-conductor technology, the sun's radiation (photons) excites electrons in the solar cells creating an electrical potential.

  3. This electrical potential (voltage) is then converted from Direct Current (DC) to usable Alternating Current (AC) with either micro-inverters or central inverters.  

  4. This power is then wired into your net-meter which measures both the power consumed and the power produced by your household

  5. This power can also be stored in batteries to use when grid power is unavailable.  In this configuration, a charge controller is used to manage the input, output, balance of power, and circuit isolation in the event the grid goes down.


It is as simple as that.  Harnessing the power of the sun is as simple as the sleek solar panels that are installed.

Understanding how solar power works is the first step to becoming energy independent.  At Wave Energy, we pride ourselves on our love of solar and educating our clients is our primary goal during any client consultation.  We love to teach.  We enjoy answering questions on solar.