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Solar for your business makes financial 'cents'.  Learn how going solar can impact your bottom-line instantly.

Solar for your home also makes 'cents'.  Incentives available like net-metering and tax credits mean short returns on your solar investment.

Fill out the easy online form, and request a hassle free proposal.  Its that easy!

Success Through Education

Wave Energy is successful by empowering our customers with knowledge.  Our first priority is to educate you.  We encourage you to take the energy audit as an opportunity to learn and engage Wave Energy.  Ask questions.

Considering Solar?  Your business should be as efficient as your product line. Wave Energy will help you cut operating costs, and see fast ROIs.  Some businesses see an immediate return on investment and immediate positive cash flow.  Take advantage of solar tax credits, accelerated asset depreciation, and locked in energy costs to improve your business' bottom-line.

Adding solar to your home:  Your home is just like a business.  You have income and you have costs.  You must balance your bills.  Saving money is the same thing as a pay raise when it comes to your family's bottom-line.  Learn how solar will not just save you, but actually make you money.

Wave Energy partners with contractors and engineers in the field to provide turn-key solar power solutions and to ensure quality from the initial energy audit, to product selection, to installation and service.