Origins WaveEnergy

We love our super hero origin stories.  Watching the nerdy teenager learn that he now has not only great power, but also great responsibility.  He must 'harness' those powers to battle villians and save the planet.  Wave Energy wants each of you to be a super hero.  Harness the power of the sun, the waves, the wind and help save the planet.  Oh yeah, you can save money too...

​​Our Mission Statement(s)

To bring solar to the Sunshine State

To create healthy competition in a cash-based solar market

To create technical alignment and standards of operation through our selection process

To advocate and represent Florida businesses in choosing a solar solution

To provide the best return on investment for each client

To partner with like-minded professionals to create a wealth of resources for our clients

To be adaptive and dynamic for each of our clients

Wave Energy focuses on three benchmarks to determine the best ROI:  Cash flow (monthly utility bill), Equity (Cost vs Value), and O&M (Operation and Maintenance Costs).


Our Team (The People)

Darron Burow

Manager, Technical Sales and Business Operations

Darron grew up surfing in Central Florida.  His focus is on two things:  Finding the best solution for each and every customer, and the latest construction and energy technologies that will help Wave Energy attain that goal.  He is a USAF veteran with over 20 years experience in high tech industries and operations.  He is the founding member of Wave Energy and overseas all aspects of the business.

Mindy Tripp

Realtor and Solar Advocate

Mindy Tripp is a licensed realtor with Coral C Realty of Cocoa Beach, Florida.  Mindy is a Florida native and active in the community with a passion for conservation, and alternative energies.  Mindy is an expert at finding homes for her clients that meet or exceed energy efficiency and energy Independence standards.

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A Message from the Owner

Wave energy was founded in 2016. Its brand new but brings over 30+ years general contracting experience combined with 20+ years experience in high-tech operations.  The goal being to bring high tech, high-effieciency solutions to customers seeking contractor work.  


I grew up surfing in Cocoa Beach.  I served in the USAF, I fixed F-15 fighter planes, I’ve performed gas chromatography in a lab, I built phased array satellites, I served as a DOD contractor, I supported a remote network of off grid sensors powered by solar, I have worked with Unix, I walked away from life and moved to the Islands, I came back, I’ve raised and supported a family, I’ve built websites, I’ve managed call centers, supervised support operations, and ran sales operations for a very profitable company.  It wasn’t until 2015 that I really grew up.


I've purchased two homes in my life, and neither time did I ask the right questions.  I asked ‘How much?  What’s the mortgage payment gonna be?  How much is insurance?  Can we get a pool?’  Every month I paid the electric bill and assumed that that’s what it was and always will be:   A bill that I just had to pay.  And if I wanted to make it go down, I simply had to tell the kids to ‘close the door, we don’t live in a barn’, or ‘turn off the lights behind you!’.  When it was higher, my knee-jerk reaction was ‘Well, it was a hot month’.  A check was written.  Doors continued to open.


In my last role a honed my Lean Six Sigma skills.  I wasn’t a belt, I wasn’t even trained.  I was just real good at the 2nd ‘O’ in TIMWOODS.  I leaned processes in every manner I could.  Although not in Manufacturing Operations, every process, even communication can be leaned.  I reduced the backlog, I moved product, I helped streamline the revenue value stream.  I loved it.  


This very same company I worked for built a new building in 2013.  The owners are Green conscious.  They have 4 EV stations installed, LED and smart lighting throughout, and energy efficient windows.  They even drive Teslas.  They did not get solar power.  At the time, the ROI was 21 years.  


Well it's not any more.  I am taking my technical knowledge and my Lean skills and applying it to energy consumption problem.  Two of our Corporate KPIs are for the customer:  An average ROI of 10 or less years for every business, and an average ROI of 7.5 years or less for every residential home.  


That energy bill is in our control.  We just need to start thinking about the long-term costs of that home or building we buy.  We simply need to do the math like grown-ups do.  I plan to help.




Darron Burow, Owner

Wave Energy, llc.